FFM meets with First League clubs

The Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) arranged a meeting with the presidents of all First League clubs today.

After a long time, FFM finally arranged a meeting with the presidents of the First League football clubs today.  FFM’s president Haralampie Hagi-Risteski opened the meeting by pointing out his satisfaction at the increased quality of the football but also voicing concern about some occasional incidents that have occurred this season.

All of the clubs and the Federation agreed that everyone should take more action to ensure better organization of the matches and safer stadiums for everyone involved.

FFM has informed the clubs that players who are returning from abroad will no longer be able to be registered outside of the transfer window, starting from next half-season.  At the same time, double registration of players will no longer be allowed, after FIFA’s recommendations.  This means that clubs will either have to send their players on loan to other clubs or keep them at their own club.

The clubs have once again demanded an Association of First League Clubs which would hopefully improve the communication amongst the clubs and also towards the federation.  The clubs also asked for a sponsor of the First League which would cover some of the fees needed by each club.

FFM has informed all the clubs that each club should transform into a joint stock company until the 30th of June 2012.  Otherwise, clubs will no longer be allowed to compete.

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