Marjan Andonov was let go by Lokomotiv Sofia

A weird situation emerged out of Bulgaria resulting in Marjan Andonov having his contract terminated by Lokomotiv Sofia.

Lokomotiv Sofia announced yesterday that they mutually agreed to terminate the contract of Marjan Andonov.  That was the explanation from the club which left Andonov perplexed and wondering the reason his contract was terminated from the club that he joined earlier this summer.  The thinking was that Lokomotiv Sofia no longer wanted to pay his salary since they were eliminated from the Europa league so they made up some unknown reason to terminate his contract.  Consequently, reports emerged yesterday out of Bulgaria that Andonov was let go because he allegedly stole something in the locker room.  This is a serious allegation that could tarnish a player’s reputation but the club has not commented on this matter.  This is not the first time something like this has happened to a Macedonian player in Bulgaria.  About a year ago, CSKA Sofia did not want to pay the salary of Igor Mitreski so they made up some excuse to get out of the contract.  Mitreski later said he made a huge mistake signing in Bulgaria and his short stint there was the lowpoint in his playing career.  He then joined Neftçi from Azerbaijan following his ordeal with CSKA Sofia.

Andonov ended up making only two appearances for the Bulgarian club, both in games against Metalurg during the second round of Europa League qualifications.  Andonov confirmed he is leaving.  He also added, “ask the coach Dian Petkov why I stopped playing and why I am leaving the club.  I have nothing more to say regarding this situation.”  Andonov finished by saying he will spend the next couple of days in Macedonia and then decide where he will continue his career.

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