Many candidates for new Macedonian coach

Who will be the new coach?Cedomir Janevski, Nikola Ilievski, Mirsad Jonuz, Bosko Gjurovski, Gjoko Hadzievski, Vujadin Stanojkovik, Boban Babunski, Artim Sakiri, Dragoljub Bekvalac, Branko Ivanković, Ljubiša Tumbaković, Dimitar Penev… are just part of the names mentioned as the probable new Macedonian national team coach.

Many names have been mentioned as possible replacement of Srečko Katanec in just two days after he left the Macedonian national team. Big discussions are already made about the future coach. Should it be a new name or something already tested, Macedonian or foreigner, experienced or younger… but we will have to wait for the answer for at least a week, when the president of the Macedonian football federation Haralampie Hadzi Risteski and the board will bring their decision. But who are the candidates?


Cede Janevski is probably the most acceptable solution for everybody. He proved his coaching skills in Belgium where he led Club Brugge and Gent, Olympiacos in Greece and now leads Serbian club Crvena Zvezda. The 47-years-old former member of the Macedonian national team is well accepted by the players, fans and the FFM and with his authority and good knowledge of modern football coaching, Janevski is expected to bring back the good atmosphere in the team and make good results.

Another good solution should have been Bosko Gjurovski who currently works as assistant of Dragan Stojković "Piksi" in Japanese club Nagoya, but he already refused any negotiations with the current leaders of the Macedonian football federation, stating that he is not interested in working in Macedonia as long as the Macedonian football is led by those people who ruined it.

Gjoko Hadzievski is one of the rare football coaches who led Macedonia and left positive impressions and results. That's why his name was again mentioned as one of the candidates, but it's unlikely that he will leave his high payed coaching job in Azerbaijan at this moment.  Mirsad Jonuz, the eternal coach of the Macedonian U21 national team is one of the candidates as he is close relations with the president and many members of the FFM board, the people who will bring the decision. Nikola Ilievski "Dzidzi", the former coach of the national team, promised that Macedonia will defeat Norway and Iceland if he is selected again as the Macedonian national team coach. Artim Sakiri expressed his readiness to quit playing football in Azerbaijan if he is offered the coaching position. Katanec's assistant Vujadin Stanojkovik and the former short term national team coach Boban Babunski are also waiting for their chance.

In the history of 16 years of the Macedonian national team, two foreigners have had the chance to lead the team, but both Slobodan Santrac and Srečko Katanec didn't leave Macedonia with positive impressions. Big discussion are made between the Macedonian coaches, players and fans about the nationality of the next coach and many suggest that Macedonia should look for a domestic coach. But besides those suggestions, there are few coaches who are mentioned as big candidates. Croatian coach Branko Ivanković has stated that there have been some negotiations with the Macedonian football federation already. Former Rabotnicki coach Dragoljub Bekvalac and his compatriot Ljubiša Tumbaković are the candidates from Serbia, while Bulgarian media have mentioned their coach Dimitar Penev.

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