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Macedonians and their football clubs in Australia

Preston Lions FCIt is known that in Australia live large number of Macedonians or Australians with Macedonian origin. And they play football too!

According to the data from the census in 2006, there are around 84.000 citizens of Macedonian origin in Australia, or precisely 83.978. In this country, the Macedonians are well known especially for their contribution for the development and spreading of the football game. Throughout history the Macedonians formed many football clubs who symbolize the Macedonian colors, name and nation. Here are some of the known clubs divided by regions:Rockdale Ilinden


In the state of New South Wales

Around the city of Sydney:
Bankstown City Lions – founded in 1975, known as Lions and Sydney Macedonia
Rockdale City Suns FC – founded in 1969, also known as Rockdale Ilinden FC
Yagoona Lions – founded in 1971, known by the nickname Lions or Lions Macedonia

In the Illawarra region:
Wollongong United – founded in 1976, known by the nickname Lions
Newcastle Suns
Around the city of Newcastle:
Broadmeadow Magic – founded in 1966, also known as Newcastle Macedonia
Newcastle Suns – founded in 1997, known by the nickname The Suns

Around the city of Melbourne:
Preston Lions – founded in 1947, known as Lions Macedonia
Altona Magic – founded in 1968, also known as Altona Vardar

In the state of Western Australia
Stirling Lions
Around the city of Perth:
Stirling Lions – founded in 1971 as West Perth Macedonia, known as Lions

In the state of South Australia

Around the city of Adelaide:
Macedonia United Lions Soccer Club

None of these clubs prays in the top division of the Australian football pyramid, the A-League. They play in the regional lower leagues organized by the FFA. Because of the unusual league system used by the Football federation of Australia for developing the football in the country, it is hard to learn all the rules in these leagues, but the fact is that there are footballers in these clubs born in Macedonia or with Macedonian origin and have great talent. We shall bring these players close to you and in the future maybe some of them will wear the Macedonian top.

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