Macedonian FA asked for bribe?

FFMScottish media report how Macedonia-based German businessman Dirk Wiesemann offered hundreds tickets to Scottish fans which he got from the Macedonian FA who asked for bribe.

Scottish daily newspaper The Daily Record reports:
The Macedonian FA announced they will arrest any locals trying to sell tickets to the estimated 2000-strong Tartan Army who will arrive in Skopje ticketless. And they stressed they will eject any Scot in the home sections of the Gradski Stadium.
However, about 500 Scots have already paid up to £31 each to a German Mr Fixit based in Macedonia, who has promised them tickets for the South Stand – the home end.
He contacted Scots fans through a supporters' message board promising them match tickets, with the visiting fans being allocated only 1000.
It means the supporters, who are already paying around twice what locals will pay, have wasted their money as they'll be refused entry at the gate.
The Macedonian FA said: "If Scots have bought tickets from locals, the numbers will be traced back and criminal action will be taken against the person who sold it."

But the ticket supplier, last night insisted he had been conned by the local FA, who he alleges demanded a BRIBE.
He said: "This is the first time the Macedonians have done anything like this.
"I have never heard that giving someone a ticket can lead to prosecution – there is no such law here.
"Perhaps the Scotland fans should reconsider giving money to a country which welcomes you in this way. This is all about money for them.
"How come the Macedonian FA asked me for a bribe to get tickets on our first request?"

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