Macedonia (w) – Slovakia (w) 1-6

Macedonia women’s national team were defeated 1-6 to Slovakia.

FIFA World Cup 2011 Women is long time only a dream for Macedonia women’s national team but they had a fixture they had to play against Slovakia and where they had at least some hope for a miracle to happen because Slovakia only managed to score goals against Macedonia so far in the qualification tournament. But, that miracle has not happened and Macedonia was once again defeated badly. It was 0-1 until 45th minute, but a late goal in the first half broke all the hopes for a better display in the second half and three quick goals in the second half, two of which after two consecutive corners and defense mistakes costed Macedonia another heavy defeat. Natasa Andonova scored the only goal for Macedonia dribbling by herself from hew own half and finishing the opportunity with an excellent goal, typical for her.

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