Macedonia ranked 57th

 According to the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking list for February 2009, Macedonia is one place lower compared to last month. 57th place with 537 points.

Macedonia earned 4 points in the last counted period but now are one place lower than the last month. 57th place is shared with Bolivia as both teams have 537 points.

From the 9th qualification group for the World Cup 2010, Holland is the highest placed team on 3rd position, Scotland 32nd, Norway are just above Macedonia on 56th place but with 16 points more, while Iceland are the only team that are placed below Macedonia – on the 77th position

European champions Spain holds the lead on the FIFA/Coca-Cola World ranking list, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil. There are no changes in the top 10 teams since last month.

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