Luxembourg squad announced

Luxembourg Luxembourgian national team coach Guy Hellers these days anounced the squad for the home friendly match against Macedonia on 20th of August. He called up 21 players from which only three of them are playing outside the domestic championship with FC Metz's player Jeff Strasser being the biggest name on the list.

Jonathan Joubert – F91 Dudelange
Marc Oberweis – CS Grevenmacher
Fabiano Castellani – US Rumelange

Eric Hoffman – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Jeff Strasser – FC Metz (FRA)
Kim Kintziger – FC Differdange 03
Christophe Scholer – UN Käerjeng 97
Jacques Plein – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Claude Reiter – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Massimo Martino – Racing FC Union Lëtzebuerg

Carlos Ferreira – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Joël Kitenge – FC Emmendingen 03 (GER)
Alphonse Leweck – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Lars Christian Krogh Gerson – Kongsvinger IL (NOR)
René Peters – FC Swift Hesperange
Gérard Geisbusch – CS Fola Esch
Ben Payal – F91 Dudelange

Daniel Alves Da Motta – FC Etzella Ettelbrück
Anton Bozic – CS Grevenmacher
Paul Bossi – CS Fola Esch
Chris Sagramola – AS la Jeunesse d'Esch

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