Lazevski played in charity match

Aleksandar Lazevski and Partizan played a friendly match against Dinamo Pančevo yesterday for charity purposes in which Partizan won 1:0.

Aleksandar Lazevski started at LB for Partizan and played all 90 minutes as the Serbian club played in a a charity match to raise money for a good cause.  The game was played in Pančevo as Partizan celebrated a 1:0 win over Dinamo Pančevo with all of the proceeds of the game going to charity.  The lone goal by Partizan was scored in the 13th minute by David Manga.

Partizan Lineup: Ilić (46’ Petrović), Miljković (46’ Aksentijević), Anderson, Stanković, Lazevski, Marković (58’ Milovanović), Babić (58’ Petrović), Manga, Jevtić, Jovančić (58’ Đoković), Diarra (58’ Georgijević).

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