Photo from the game

Kosovo fans burned Macedonian flag

Photo from the gameKosovo fans burned a Macedonian flag during a football match and displayed disrespectful messages aimed towards Macedonia.

During yesterday’s match between the teams of Lepenci and Drita in Kosovo’s Super League, which is not recognized by UEFA and FIFA, an ugly incident occurred that involved negative messages towards Macedonia.  The fans at the stadium displayed a disrespectful message which said “2012 is not the end of the world, it’s the end of Macedonia” and also burned a Macedonian flag.

This is not the first incident this has occurred in Kosovo.  Two years ago, when the Macedonian encyclopedia was first published, the Macedonian flag was also burned during a match in Prishtina.

A provocative message was displayed at the game and these actions must be addressed by the local authorities.  Additionally, the Macedonian side should demand answers in order to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.  The football federations of Macedonia and Kosovo have a good relationship and several meetings have been held in the past to mutually help each side.  It was even reported that FFM once lobbied for FIFA and UEFA to recognize Kosovo in those organizations.   

Clearer view of the message aimed at Macedonia

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