Korab appoints Mensur Nedjipi as new manager

Second League side Korab hired Mensur Nedjipi as its new manager for the second half of the season.

As Makfudbal.com reports, Nedjipi already had his first training with the club from the city of Debar.  The manager will lead the team until the end of the season and will attempt to save Korab from relegation as the club is currently in 14th place with only 13 points.  A difficult job awaits Nedjipi as the last club ahead of the relegation zone is six points ahead of Korab.

Besides the new manager, Korab also signed some new players in Cvete Delioski, Emir Shabani, Gjelbrim Shakjiri Embran Pula, Raif Mirseloski, Armend Limani, Nasir Azizi, and Taulant Shabani.

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