KF Tirana looking to sign Aco Stojkov

According to media reports out of Albania, KF Tirana has made an offer to attacker Aco Stojkov.

The 30-year-old Stojkov is currently a free agent after his contract with Vardar expired at the conclusion of the first half of the season.  Albanian website “SportEkpres” reported on Monday that KF Tirana has made an offer of 7,000 Euros per month to land Stojkov.  In the same report, it said Stojkov is seeking 20,000 Euros a month and has asked Tirana for an extra 10 days to decide which team he will join.  Aco, per the newspaper, also has an offer from a team in Hungary, and he wants to negotiate with that club before making his final decision.

Stojkov has spent the past year with Vardar after joining the club during the 2012-13 winter transfer window.  He has scored 16 league goals for Vardar in that span, but Aco is now a free agent and looking for a solid financial offer.  Considering his age, this upcoming contract will likely be his last that leads to a good salary.

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