Time's running out

Jonuz, what’s there to think about?

Time's running outRespected Mr. Jonuz, seriously – what is there to think about it? Resign and you will be the bigger man.

Right after the end of the match against Ireland, or should we better say right after the end of yet another early finished qualifications tournament, Mirsad Jonuz announced that he will think about offering resignation. 

But, seriously? What is there to think about it? Are we playing better football? Are we higher placed on the table? Do we have chances for second place? No, so? In 10 competitive matches with the national team, Jonuz noted 2 wins. Over Iceland 2:0 on 10th of June 2009 and over Andorra 0:2 on 8th of October last year. Still need to think about it?

Dear Mr. Jonuz, you announce an open play against Ireland, yet you start with three defensive midfielders. You are probably the only coach in the world who frequently plays players out of their position. What is the deal with that? Sikov is not a right back and everyone knows that. And, if you read this and have reply like – you be the coach and decide the team – yes, I will, gladly and I will work it for free and I will have better results – but I am not. 

Granted, Mr. Jonuz, you brought some nice things to the national team. You are not the stubborn kind of coach like Katanec was and you were open to new players. You reintroduced Trickovski to the squad, got us Demiri and Fetai… Those things will not be forgotten and you will always be the one who made that happen. Also, you did had some unexpected players called, especially on the friendlies – but, hey, that is what friendlies are about.

Now, there is no need for further extension of this text – short and simple – we have no results, we are going down on the table – so why waiting? It is not like you will be the first coach ever to resign. It is part of the job – or as you like to say – consider it bad luck. It was 24 months ago that you took this job and considering we are still not on higher lever, in fact we are dropping to the 5th tier right now – i think it should be enough. And, all the football fans think so. So, you have 2 options – resign and be the bigger man or stay and risk to be booed on every coming match! 

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