John Toshack put on the spot by Armenia’s media

John Toshack; photo: some unfounded rumors circulated that Turkey has promised a reward to Macedonia for beating Armenia, John Toshack was put on the spot to answer this question.

This is a very serious allegation that was brought up by the Armenian media with no real evidence.  Toshack clearly looked uncomfortable while answering the question.  Earlier today, unfounded rumors circulated in Armenia that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has promised rewards to Macedonia for beating Armenia.  Allegedly, the media in Armenia is reporting that the wish by Turkey to have Armenia defeated by Macedonia is caused by Turkey wanting to avoid a matchup against Armenia in the play-off should both teams finish in 2nd place of their respective groups.

Turkey and Armenia have tense relations but that question was over the line.  The Turkish PM Erdoğan recently visited Macedonia to meet with government officials but to use his visit as potentially offering prizes to the Macedonian national team for beating Armenia is totally unprofessional.  Toshack was clearly caught off guard while answering the question.  Toshack stated, “I don’t know Turkey’s Prime Minister.  I managed two years in Turkey but I never met him nor any other Turkish officials.”

Video of today’s press conference (question about Turkey’s PM at 5:18):

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