John Toshack held press conference

John ToshackManager John Toshack disclosed his plans in preparations for the upcoming 2014 World Cup qualifications during his first press conference of 2012.

In the press conference, Toshack announced that he has analyzed every game in the past six months since he took over as the manager of Macedonia.  Toshack said, “I have already seen enough players that competed for the squad of the best team and therefore, in the future period, we will select around 24 players plus three keepers.  In addition, for this qualifying cycle, only new players who have the necessary quality will be able to enter the squad.”

Toshack mentioned that he thought Macedonia played solid matches since he took over with the exception of the 4:1 road loss against Armenia.  In order to reach the desired results in the future, Toshack said that the national team must have available a group of experienced internationals like Pandev, Trickovski, Noveski, Sikov, Popov, Sumulikoski, and Agim Ibraimi.  The manager stated that to have these players, Macedonia will need luck with injuries and become more disciplined since the national team receives way too many yellow and red cards.

John Toshack also watched yesterday’s game in Kumanovo between the U21 team and Italy U20.  Toshack highlighted three players that featured in yesterday’s game that have potential and will be considered for the senior national team.  Those three players were Stefan Ristovski, Stefan Spirovski, and Samir Fazli but Toshack is disappointed that the three young players do not play regularly with their respective club teams.  Toshack was also happy that Ferhan Hasani transferred to Wolfsburg since he will advance his physical and technical plan by being in the German Bundesliga.

In closing, Toshack plans to have ten day preparations near the end of May in a training center in Europe where the national team will play 2-3 friendlies against stronger opponents.

Toshack said the following, “Maybe we could play a mini-tournament with Slovenia and Bosnia which will get us ready for opponents in our group that have similar quality like Croatia and Serbia.  The group is really even.  For me, even Wales with their new manager, who I know very well, could be considered the favorite based on quality since they have 16 internationals who play in the English Premier League.  I expect many derby matches like Wales – Scotland and Serbia – Croatia.  After the finish of the past qualifying cycle, things have gone in the right direction for our national team.  A large number of the internationals play regularly with their club teams and are starting to score goals which will also bring quality and efficiency to the national team as well.”

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