Israel – Macedonia 1:0

israel macedoniaWith the 1:0 away defeat in Israel, the Macedonian national team finished the EURO 2008 qualifications campaign on the 5th place in the Group E with 14 points and 4 wins, 2 draws and 6 defeats after 12 played matches.' live report:
Israel: Awat; Shpungin, Keinan, Ben Haim, Ziv; Ohayon, T. Cohen, Bar Buzaglo^, Itzhaki^^^; Barda, Coulatti^^. Coach: Dror Kashtan
Macedonia: Milosevski; Noveski, Popov, Sedloski, Mitreski; Grozdanovski***, Shumulikoski, Lazarevski; Tasevski*; Maznov**, Stojkov. Coach: Srecko Katanec


2007-11-21 18:11:06 Match is under way.

2007-11-21  18:23:00 16th minute, bad weather with rain falling. Pitch is good. 

2007-11-21  18:27:28 Out of nothing, Milosevski has left its' goal and provided the Israelis with a good chance, but they couldn't make use of it.

2007-11-21  18:29:06 Stojkov found its' way through to Israel's defence but his shot goes wide of the goal.

2007-11-21  18:36:05 GOAL!!! 35th minute, a great cross from the right, followed by an undefendable header from Barda, and Israel is up by 1.

2007-11-21  18:44:06 Not a lot is left till the break. Slow tempo of the game, the result is still 1:0 for the hosts.

2007-11-21  18:46:21 End of the first half. Not very interesting game, Israel have used their only good chance, and they lead 1:0. The LIVE update will return with the second half.

2007-11-21  19:01:33 Second half has started. Tasevski (MKD) has left the game and Polozani has entered on his place. Ben Shushan (ISR) has entered the game on the place of Bar Buzagla.

2007-11-21  19:04:33 Grozdanovski had the first shot in the second half, but it didn't posed an danger to Awat as the ball finished right of the goal.

2007-11-21  19:09:58 A corner kick for Macedonia has brought some excitement in front of Israel's goal but Maznov was unabe to hit on target.

2007-11-21 19:11:09 Ben Shushan had a chance in the box, but Macedonian defenders were on highest level here. 

2007-11-21  19:12:45 Sahar has entered the game on the place of Colautti^^ (ISR). Minute 55

2007-11-21  19:17:16 Ristic (MKD) has entered the game on the place of Maznov.

2007-11-21  19:17:53 Stojkov passed the ball to Shumulikoski, in the box, who wanted to shoot attractively, but didn't managed to hit the ball correct.

2007-11-21  19:21:54 Grozdanovski OUT Georgievski IN (MKD)

2007-11-21  19:26:26 Ben Sahar had a shot from 23 metres out, but Milosevski had it safe.

2007-11-21  19:27:26 In only 30 seconds of time, Shumulikoski shot from 20 metres, and Awat had tipped the ball out for a corner, and later Noveski hit the post. These were Macedonia's greatest chances for equalizing.

2007-11-21 19:29:42 Itzhaki ^^^ (ISR) out, Baruchyan in. 75th minute

2007-11-21  19:39:13 Polozani had a shot, but Ben Haim blocked for a corner.

2007-11-21  19:40:58 Great save of Milosevski followed by the shot of Ben Sahar.

2007-11-21  19:43:33 3 minutes left till the regular 90. Stojkov's cross has been caught safely by Awat.

2007-11-21  19:44:01 Ben Sahar had another shot on goal, but Milosevski had once again been better.

2007-11-21  19:46:33 3 minutes of added time.

2007-11-21  19:47:23 Keinan could have been a tragician here as he could've scored an own goal followed by a corner kick from Polozani.

2007-11-21  19:48:39 Cohen had probably the last shot, but Milosevski was once again sure.

2007-11-21  19:49:58 End of the game and end of this qualifications tournament. Despite the defeat, Macedonia played good football and finished on the 5th place of the EURO 2008 qualification Group E.

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