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Introducing Filip Pivkovski

Filip Pivkovski (photo: proudly presents Filip Pivkovski. While we are sure many of you have already heard of this boy, we made an exclusive interview with Pivkovski in order to get to know the player.

Born on 31st of January, 1994, Pivkovski is born in Malmö, Sweden but his parents are from Macedonia. In the exclusive interview that Pivkovski agreed to do for he openly talks about his connection with Macedonia, his style of play, his career.

MF: First of all, tell us something more about You. Where are You born, what is Your connection to Macedonia?
FP: I am born in Malmö, Sweden, but my parents are from Macedonia. To be more specific, they are from Bitola.

MF: When have You last visited Macedonia?
FP: I am visiting Macedonia often. Most recently, I was there last summer during the summer break.

MF: What is Your natural position on the field? What do You consider to be Your best attributes and where do You think You can improve Your play?
FP: I find it most suitable to play in the attack. Regarding my skills, I really think that others should tell – both from my matches for Blackburn and for Sweden youth national teams. 

MF: How was Your transfer to Blackburn achieved?Pivkovski in action for Blackburn Rovers (
FP: Scouts from the English club saw me playing on a tournament in Netherlands. I was then invited for a week to England and I played a match against Manchester United when I managed to score 4 goals.

MF: Which is Your favorite Macedonian club?
FP: My favorite club from Macedonia has to be Pelister because of my Bitola origins.

MF: Where do You see Yourself in 5 years?
FP: Simple! I want to play in Champions League and on a World Cup.

MF: Last question – most important – is there a chance You to play for Macedonian national teams?
FP: That depends on a lot of factors. It is not a simple move and many events both in near but also in more distant future will be decisive for my choice. Everyone who wants to follow my career closely can easily do that by following me on Twitter @FPivk10

A tricky winger who is capable of taking on his man and delivering dangerous balls in the box.’ – You will read this if You open Pivkovski’s profile on Blackburn’s official website.

Pivkovski was vice-captain for Sweden U17 national team and played for them since he was 15. In 15 matches he managed to score 7 goals. He also played all 3 matches for Sweden U17 in the qualification for U17 European Championship 2010.

Macedonia can make a move for Pivkovski – the talented winger who speaks fluent Macedonian. Of course, this is not just a simple procedure but it is definitely worth trying. Watch just 2 minutes of Pivkovski’s skills in the following video and search for some more on YouTube. Pivkovski is player any national team needs!

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