Interview with one of Borec’s heroes

Borec won the 3rd League South; photo: Borec on FBAfter 9 seasons Borec got back in the Second League. That was a good reason to contact one of its players and ask few questions.

Trajche Trajkov is one of Borec’s heroes who brought Veles’ number one team back on track. Borec was at the bottom, living in the darkness after the relegation from the Second League in the season 2003/04. Nine seasons had to pass and Borec to start winning again. After finishing first in the Third League South, then they beat Korab in the play-offs and now are officially in the Second League.

Eventually after a long time Borec had a great season. What the return in the Second League means for the city of Veles?
TT: The citizens of Veles have always been hungry for sport, starting with the handball which at the moment isn’t very active, then with football and so on. Although we were in the Third League, there was always good attendance with the ultras group Gemidjii as well to whom we are deeply thankful for their support. The return has resurrected the football spirit in the city and brought together the people as it was long time ago.

Your opponent in the play-offs, Korab, was a team who wanted to get back in the Second League from where they got relegated last season. Did the final score of 3:0 shows what was really happening at the match?
TT: I agree that Korab a big desire for promotion, but at the end I think that it was ours which was bigger. We never underestimated them, we trained hard all season with so much labor and giving everything, therefore I think that we deserved that win. It was only a small part of what this team is capable of.

What are the club’s ambitions for next season? Will you fight to avoid relegation or maybe even something more?
TT: Every Macedonian team wants to play in the First League so we will strive to avoid relegation but also we will try and make an effort for promotion. Although it’s very early to talk about that, it will be a challenge for us because we could face really strong teams. We have huge ambitions and out talent and determination are even bigger and that’s why we are hoping for good results. We will strengthen our squad with new players and we will fight for the upper part of the table.

How will you describe the playing in the Third League South?
TT: We had a great season with many victories. The teams that we faced weren’t bad and despite the rivalry we always had good relations with everyone. Anyway, the conditions are bad. Every pitch is bad for playing and good locker rooms has only our stadium and we are grateful for that. Honestly, it’s sad to watch good talents how are ruined because of those hostile conditions. We are hoping for better days.

You are playing as defensive midfielder. Do you enjoy playing there or you think you can be useful on some other position as well?
TT: Currently I’m playing there and for now I’m satisfied. I’ve played almost on all other positions depending on the injuries in the team or because of trying new tactics, but still I’m at my best as DM. Our coach Kocho Dimitrovski used to change our positions to see who where can offer more and I think his decisions have been good so far.

Borec is one of the oldest Macedonian clubs. Once even won the Republic League in 1989 and after the independence participated in the Macedonian First League throughout the 90s.

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