Interview with Ivan Nastevski

Ivan Nastevski in Makedonija GP's had the distinct pleasure to interview up and rising star of Macedonian football. We proudly present to You – Ivan Nastevski.

Ivan Nastevski is born on 30.07.1991 and is currently playing for Vardar. His natural position is attacking midfielder that operates down the left flank, but he can easily adjust into other positions for the necessities of the team. had an excellent opportunity to ask him couple of questions and present to You a footballer that before long will be scoring goals in championships different then Macedonian.

MF: Where and when have You started Your football career?
IN: I have started my career back in 1997 in Makedonija Gjorce Petrov where I was playing up until February 2010 after I made a move to the most successful Macedonian club ever – Vardar.

MF: You have worked under many different coaches. From whom did You learn the most, who has left the biggest impression?
IN: Exactly, I have worked under many coaches, but my talent was first noticed by Zvonko Zlatanovski while I was in youngest categories in Makedonija GP. I have tried to extract the best from all the coaches I have ever worked, but I am mostly grateful to my current coach Ilco Gjorgjioski who gave me most chances to show off my skills.

MF: Can You choose favorite goal, match or appearance?
IN: Oh, no – not really – every goal is especially good for me, but if I have to choose, it will be my first goal for Makedonija GP against Sileks and of course my first goal for Vardar against Turnovo Horizont. My favorite match so far took place in Stuttgart 2009, when in the 1/8 finals of a tournament over there, I have scored the winning goal against Fortuna Düsseldorf which took my team to the 1/4 finals.

MF: Where do You see Yourself in 5 years?
IN: Excellent question. (laughs). I can see myself in a major European club – those are my ambitions, so it remains to be seen.Ivan on Borussia-Park

MF: What does the Macedonian national team shirt mean to You?
IN: The national shirt is sacred thing for me. I always wear it with pride because when someone represents a country, the least he can do is give 100% from himself. That is what I always do.

MF: Can You tell us Your favorite club and player?
IN: Barcelona and Lionel Messi, no doubt.

MF: And what about Your biggest success so far?
IN: Oh, I couldn’t just pick one. I can start with one of my biggest joys – winning of the championship when I was 11, with Makedonija GP’s youth categories, then my second place as a goalscorer on an international tournament in Serbia, first place on a tournament organized by the German embassy, 5 goals on 5 matches in a tournament in Nürnberg, Germany, couple of times best player on local tournaments etc. etc.

Ivan Nastevski with only 19 years has already many successes behind him. He has a champion and cup title with Makedonija GP in youth categories with 24 goals scored on 26 matches, debut for Makedonija GP with only 17 years in the season when Makedonija later became champions. He played his part for U17 national team, U19 national team and already got several calls for U21 national team. ‘ Motivation + hard work + determination = success’ – is what Ivan Nastevski always says. ‘ It is up to me to play the best I can and up to my managers to do their job’, finished Nastevski. But, enough said. Some say a picture is worth 1000 words. Then, we will let You enjoy in the following video and You can decide how many words is a video worth.


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