Interview with Dragan Gjorgiev

Dragan Gjorgiev while at Mainz conducted an interview with Horizont Turnovo’s attacker Dragan Gjorgiev, one of the most talented footballers in Macedonia.

Dragan Gjorgiev was born on the 16th of December, 1990 in Radovis and is currently one of the most gifted footballers in Macedonia.  He started his professional career in Horizont Turnovo before briefly moving to Mainz 05 in Germany.  Dragan was then loaned out to Paderborn before returning to his homeland.  In the first half of the season, he scored 4 goals for Horizont Turnovo and was nominated as one of the candidates for the best youth player by the members of our forum. talked with Gjorgiev about his career, the time spent in Germany, and his future plans.

MF: When and where did you start your professional career?
DG: I started my career when I was 7 years old in my local club of FK Jaka from Radovis.  When I was 15, I moved to Horizont Turnovo where I still play at the current moment.

MF: Do you remember your first professional match and goal?
DG: Actually, I cannot remember that.

MF: What is your preferred playing position and what are your best playing attributes?
DG: My natural playing position is on the left wing while my best quality is the good speed. I play better with my left leg but can easily adapt on the right wing as well as the classic striker role.

MF: How did you make your first contact with Mainz? Was it through an agent or did you receive help from Nikolce Noveski?
DG: My first contact came through agent Alen Augustincic and his associate Robert Gorceski.  While I was in Mainz, I had enormous help from Nikolce Noveski.  We spent our free time together and I will be forever grateful to him about that.

MF: During your time at Mainz, how big was the difference in conditions and trainings between Germany and Macedonia?
DG: It’s not comparable, the difference is very big.  The trainings are much better as well as the facilities.  Big discipline and big commitment is required.  The financial gap is also steep and at the current moment, football in Macedonia is far from the professional level but it will get there with time.

MF: Was the language barrier a problem?
DG: While I was in Mainz, as I said, Noveski helped me all the time with the language while during my stay at Paderborn, I had help from a Macedonian family. However, at the same time, I was learning the language and attending language courses as well.

MF: What happened with the Paderborn loan? We understood that the coach needed a player with betterDragan Gjorgiev in a Paderborn jersey defensive skills instead of an offensive minded player?
DG: My agent decided that I should be loaned out to Paderborn.  When I went there, I worked really hard but I never got the chance to prove myself.  That is football, each career consists of good and bad moments.  I always work hard and continue to develop as a footballer.

MF: How do you rate your experience in Germany? Do you feel sorry because you were not getting much playing time?
DG: Everyone who comes back from Germany will feel some regret.  Nevertheless, that was a great experience for me as I learned many new things and by using them in my play, I will look to improve even further and pursue another international transfer.

MF: You had a chance to play with talented prospects such as Lewis Holtby and André Schürrle.  These two players are regarded as enormous talents.  How did you feel about playing with those players?
DG: Watching those players on TV and then playing with them in the same club is an amazing feeling.  My first days in Germany were like in a dream.  I had the opportunity to train with star players in both a top-class club and league.

MF: Are you disappointed that you are not getting a call up to the Macedonian U21 national team?
DG: I have appearances for every national team except the ‘A’ category.  I always give 100% when I play for Macedonia and find it difficult to accept that I have been removed from the squad.  But, as every professional, I move on.  Each manager has his own selections, tactics, and they choose which players get called up.  I am always ready to play for my country.

MF: The winter transfer period is coming. Can we expect a move to another club or are you staying with Horizont Turnovo?
DG: At the moment, I am Turnovo’s player.  If a good foreign offer arrives, I might leave since you can never know what will happen during this time.  But, if I stay in Macedonia, it will be at Turnovo – I feel like home at the club.

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