Interview with Sydney attacker Chris Naumoff

Chris Naumoff (M); photo: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images AsiaPacWe got in touch with talented 19-year-old Chris Naumoff to answer our many questions, among them the inevitable of possibly representing Macedonia one day.

MacedonianFootball continues to present players of Macedonian origin. One of the best young players in the Australian A-League is Christopher Naumoff, known as “Kiki,” who currently plays for Sydney FC. We bring you an exclusive interview with him.

MF: Tell us something about your football career development.
Kiki: I started playing football for Menai Hawks when I was 5 years old, but I was kicking the ball around the house much earlier than that. For most of my youth years I played mostly for Sutherland Sharks, having been at Marconi Stallions for one year in the U13’s. I was also part of the Manchester Nike Premier Cup Oceania team in 2010 played in Manchester, UK. I signed for Sydney FC Youth Team when I was 16 years old, and played in the NYL for 3 years. Voted the clubs’ youth player of the year and made my A-League debut when I was 18. Then I signed my professional contract the following season when I was 19. I have also represented Australia at U20’s level.

MF: What position do you usually play and in your opinion, what is the best position for you in order to achieve maximum performance on the field?
Kiki: Recently I have been playing on the right or left wing. I enjoy playing anywhere in an attacking role, but preferably a more central attacking midfielder or right wing.

MF: Do you have any football idols?
Kiki: Yes, I watched quite a bit of Maradona videos when I was young. I also watched Zidane when I was a little older, and now I enjoy watching Messi.

MF: Your father Tony Naumoff played in the past for Arncliffe Macedonia. Are you discussing your games with him and how big was his influence on you to choose football as your profession?
Kiki: I would be at my father’s games every week from a young age, so football has influenced my life since day one. Each week I would discuss my performance with my father so I can see how he thinks I played and how I can improve.

MF: Have you ever visited our country. What is exactly your connection to Macedonia?
Kiki: I have never visited Macedonia, but I have a very strong connection to my heritage having grown up with my grandparents who were born in Macedonia, as was my mother. My fathers family is from the village Capari near Bitola and my mother is from Smilevo, municipality of Demir Hisar. I am also Macedonian Orthodox.

MF: There is a big Macedonian community in the city of Sydney and in Sydney FC as well. Your teammates in the senior squad are several players of Macedonian origin: Ivan Necevski, Sasa Ognenovski and Robert Stambolziev and in the Sydney youth team you have played together with Daniel Petkovski, Alec Urosevski, Nikola Taneski, Nicola Kuleski. What is your relationship with them?
Kiki: I have established a very good relationship with all the players you mentioned, whether it be in the past and they have moved on from Sydney FC since then, or the present.

MF: So far Daniel Georgievski of Melbourne Victory is the only Australian-Macedonian to represent Macedonia at senior level. Have you ever had a chance to learn anything about the Macedonian football and do you know any other Macedonian football players beside Georgievski?
Kiki: Georgievski is the only one I know of playing in Australia, I had the pleasure of playing against him in the 2015 A League final, he is a great player. Of course Goran Pandev comes to mind, he is a fantastic example for all inspiring footballers with Macedonian heritage.

MF: In the past you have played for the Australian youth national teams but you don’t have any appearances at the senior level. Regarding your Macedonian origin would you consider any invitation of the Macedonian football federation to play for the Macedonian national team?
Kiki: Yes, I have had the privilege of representing Australia as a young Socceroo. Fantastic memories and experience. Any such invitation to represent your country is an honour and can only be seen as a positive to assist with my career and dream.

MF: Where do you see yourself in the future?
Kiki: As a child, I have always had dreams to play in Europe at a high level, I am satisfied with the direction my career has taken me so far and I can only keep working hard to try and achieve my dreams.

MF: MacedonianFootball wishes you a lot of luck in your further career.
Kiki: Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

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