Inter Baku – Rabotnicki 0-0

 Despite Inter Baku had more chances on this match, Rabotnicki played a solid match and will return to Macedonia with a positive and open result. The final score of the first leg is 0-0.

 Inter Baku (AZE)  0
 Rabotnicki (MKD)  0

 Inter Baku: Simeonov, Abbasov, Levin, Ismailov, Imamaliyev* (Asif Mamedov 73'), Çervenka, Petrovic, Gurbanov* (Shishkin 61'), Zlatinov, Mamedov* (Guseinov 89'), Guglemon. (Manager – Hodukin)

 Rabotnicki: Kmetovski, Lazarevski, Lukmon, Krstevski* (Ljamcevski 67'), Itoua, Mihajlović, Osmani* (Nuhiu 79'), Aksentiev, Ilijoski, Velkovski, Muarem* (Ristevski 50') . (Manager – Babunski)

The match between Inter Baku and Rabotnicki is under way. 

Minas Osmani has yellow card.
It seems like Inter Baku has the domination right now, but no team had any serious chances up to now.
Around 20 minutes of the game has passed.
There are about 15.000 people on the stadium Tofik Bakhramov. The entrance was free for this match.
Zlatinov hit the post.
Yellow card for Itoua.
Though Inter Baku were previously announced as favorites for this match, Rabotnicki are not giving up that easy.
Rabotnicki had good chance right now, but Baku's defense managed to clear the ball.
First half is near its finish right now. Inter Baku were the better team, but Rabotnicki wasn't chanceless.
This was a great chance for the hosts. After Kmetovski saved one ball, Inter hit the post. Luckily for Raboticki, the danger is gone.
Injury time of the first half is played right now.
End of the first half-time.
Inter Baku had more chances, but Rabotnicki are looking solid right now. We will be back after the usual 15 minutes break.

The second half-time started. Both managers have decided not to make any changes.
Muarem is injured and can not leave the field, because the Swiss referee Zimmermann doesnt want to stop the game. Weird decision.
Muarem leaves the match and Ristevski enteres on his place.
Zimmermann must be more harsh with the home team right now. Çervenka made brutal tackle over Itoua, but the referee didnt even showed yellow card.
Shishkin entered the match and Gurbanov is out.
Baku had a great chance but Lukmon saved the ball with his head 1 meter in front of the goal line.
Ljamcevski will enter the match on Krstevski's place.
One half from the second period is passed.
Asif Mamedov will enter the match and Imamaliyev is heading to the bench.
The match tempo is slowing down.
Free kick for Rabotnicki now. Ljamcevski crosses, but Simeonov saves.
This was one of the rare chances for our team.
Lukmon once again found himself to be the last man who can save his team goal and once again did great job.
Krstevski has just cleared the ball of the line. Rabotnicki can feel lucky now.
The match should be put into end any second now.
UEFA should take a look over this match refereeing. The Swiss referee has allowed 8 minutes of added time in the second half.
Full time. Inter Baku – Rabotnicki 0-0.

Despite the hosts were dominating through whole match, Rabotnicki was not without chance. This must be a good result for them as their main goal was to keep clean sheet. The return leg is scheduled for 7 days from today. 



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