Aleksandar Ignjovski; photo:

Ignjovski getting ready to face Macedonia U21

Aleksandar Ignjovski; photo: werder.deAleksandar Ignjovski admitted that it will be strange to face Macedonia as he will have relatives at the game and he is indeed Macedonian by origin.

Aleksandar Ignjovski conducted an interview with Serbian newspaper “Novosti” where he admitted that it will be strange to face Macedonia.  Ignjovski is one of the better players on the Serbian U21 national team as they get ready to face their counterparts from Macedonia on Friday at the Boris Trajkovski stadium in Skopje.

Speaking about the game, Ignjovski told the newspaper, “It will not be the same as I will have many relatives at the game and again, I’m Macedonian by origin.  But, as always, I will do my best to make sure Serbia comes out on top.”

The most interesting point in the article was that Ignjovski stated that he was invited to play for the senior national team of Macedonia when he was only 17 years old.  He was playing for OFK Beograd at that time but he was born in Serbia so he decided to represent their country.

However, he can still change national teams and Macedonia will likely continue pursuing him since there is a big void in midfield.  Ignjovski is a versatile player and has the ability to play defensive midfield, left-back, and right-back.  If he continues to be ignored by the senior national team of Serbia, then maybe Ignjovski will accept the call up by Macedonia.  Ignjovski transferred to German club Werder Bremen earlier in the summer and has recently become a regular for the club.

What do you think?  Should Macedonia still pursue Ignjovski or just move on since it seems he will only represent Macedonia if he continues to be left out by the senior national team of Serbia?

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