Hosting Bolton = year’s budget

The calculations are already made. Hosting an English Premiership club like Bolton in an UEFA Cup match will bring Rabotnicki Kometal amount of money that’s almost equal with their budget for whole year. The final outcome with Bolton may not be well for the Macedonian side, but the income will definitely be more than satisfying.


It’s the first time in the history of the Macedonian football that a Macedonian club will host a English Premiership club. Only playing the match no matter the outcome, the hosting club will gain good profit. According to some calculations, Rabotnicki Kometal will get up to half million Euros for the TV rights for the first leg match in Skopje. Adding the amount of money that the club will get from the tickets and the amount from UEFA for participating in this round of the UEFA Cup, you’ll get approximately the amount of the budget of a Macedonian football club from Rabotnicki’s range. Just for comparison, the budget for the summer transfer of Bolton Wanderers was 15.75 million pounds.

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