The half-season tickets; photo:

Help Osogovo by buying a half-season ticket

The half-season tickets; photo: radiokocani.comThe fans of Osogovo are selling half-season tickets to help the club gather money and pay for their participation in the Second League.

Once again the football club from Kocani is facing a tough financial problems. Last season they were promoted to the Second League but played in the Third because they didn’t have any money to pay for the participation fee.

Now the same thing threatens Osogovo. And that’s the reason why the fan group Sejmeni started an action at the Center mall in the city where they are selling tickets for all the home games of the first half-season 2011/12. The price is very cheap, only 300 Denars which is less than 5 €.

The club must to pay 8.000 € to FFM with a deadline on 30 June 2011. “We are also asking the city businessmen to help the club. Now it is the real time because without them the club isn’t able to pay the participation fee.” – said a member of Sejmeni for asks all the Macedonians who live abroad and who care about this club that is the pride of Kocani, to donate and help them finaly to compete in the Second League. We don’t have to remind all that Osogovo used to be a regular First League club and that’s a club with long and rich history.

The sales booth in the city center

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