Vlatko Grozdanoski in Iran

Grozdanoski: Iranian second league is better than Macedonian first league

Vlatko Grozdanoski in Iran One of the most popular Macedonian players, Vlatko Grozdanoski currently plays in Iran and MacedonianFootball.com talked to him about the life and football in that country.

With 48 matches for the national team, Vlatko Grozdanoski is the seventh most capped Macedonian player. Currently he plays for Damash Iranian FC in the Iranian Azdegan league where in the three so far played rounds he scored twice and scored another one in the Iranian Cup.

Many Macedonian football fans were surprised by your latest transfer. What made you play in Iran?
 – I know that many people were surprised, but I came here only because of the finances. I am 27 years old now and I have to think about by existence.

Can you make a comparison of the Macedonian first league and the Iranian second league?
  – I am satisfied of the quality of the Iranian football and I can say that the Iranian second league has bigger quality than the Macedonian first football league.

You lost your place in the Macedonian national team after the transfer in Iran. Do you expect to be called again soon in the national team after the latest good performances and scored goals?
  – I am objective and I don’t expect to be called in the national team until I’m here in Iran, although it’s always real honor for me to play for Macedonia and I will gladly accept the invitation whenever I am called again in the Macedonian national team.

Tell us something more about your life in Iran.
 – My club is from the city of Doorod, but I live in Tehran. The life is hard because the mentality of the people is a lot different and many things are banned here. But I don’t care about that because I’m here to play football. I spend most of my time with the Bosnian goalkeeper Boris Bačak and the Iranian player Mohsen Rasmpush who used to play in Dinamo Zagreb and speeks Croatian.

What are your future plans?
  – I don’t make plans. The most important for me is to be healthy and without injuries and I will think about my future when my contract is about to expire.

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