Goce Toleski attacked Katanec

Goce Toleski The SK Slavia Praha striker and best foreign player in the Czech league, Goce Toleski, has opened his heart and attacked Macedonian national team coach Srečko Katanec. He told him that he is the only one to blame for the recent bad results mostly because of his bad work. Toleski also revealed many interesting and negative things in the national team.

The 31-years-old SK Slavia Praha striker was last time included in the Macedonian national team last year in the EURO 2008 qualifying game against Russia in Moscow where Macedonia was beaten with 3:0 and against Estonia four days later in the 1:1 draw in Skopje. Since than he was never recalled although he signed for one of the top teams in the Czech Republic and continued his good form. Recently, in an interview for Macedonian daily paper Makedonski Sport, he attacked Srečko Katanec and revealed some unknown info to the public.


“It will be the best if Katanec reviews his work instead of throwing all the blame on the players. Everybody knows how the things are working in the FFM. Why he ever accepted to be the national team coach if he knew that there are no good conditions for work and that there are no enough “quality” players!? A true coach won’t accept that. Why did he came on the first place if not to teach us something, because we already know everything that he has said by now.”

“Dear coach, I am playing in a big club and I am working with a great coach and I see every day how is to be a true professional player. But when I compare all that professional work with your work, I can’t see anything in common. Just for example, you’ve said that you’ve never ever watched a video of the opponents and that you are not interested in the opponent, which for me is a total rubbish. In that case, on what do you create your tactics for the matches? We at Slavia watch videos twice a week, and many other even bigger clubs do the same. I know that because I’ve talked with Vladimír Šmicer, a Champions League winner with who every conversation is a big experience. Our assistant coaches scan our opponents live and based on their views we create our tactics.”

“Other, every possible signing is followed for days and months, on matches and on trainings. I know that because one year ago I’ve made a transfer from FK SIAD Most to SK Slavia Praha, and I was followed like that, I was said about this personally by Karel Jarolím, currently the best coach in the Czech Republic and many times winner of the Czech league, a real Czech legend as a player and a coach who is wanted by many European clubs. You even have no idea that some players exist, not to even mention that your obligation is to go and watch them live. That is your job. It is easy to say that we don’t exist.

“As third fact, once you’ve called me in the national team and I saw what kind of trainings you do, three corners and a penalty. I think that you remember those training sessions in Ohrid because I will never forget them. I saw how you were training us for the matches against Russia and Estonia when you forgot to tell us about the positioning of every player in the defense and attacking corner situations and free kicks. If you remember well, we’ve received the first goal in that kind of situation, and the behavior of the players in that moment was chaotic. In my opinion is that these things are very important for every game we play.”

“At last I want to declare that I’m saying this because I love Macedonia more than you and I want to see my country on a big tournament, and you dear coach, you are very far from achieving that.”

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