Goal and an assist for Darko Tasevski

Midfielder Darko Tasevski had a goal and an assist for Levski during today’s 0:3 road victory over Slavia Sofia.

Darko Tasevski played all 90 minutes for Levski as a midfielder in a 4-1-4-1 formation.  Levski opened the scoring in the 28th minute through a penalty after one of its players was brought down inside the area by the opposing keeper.  The referee also showed the Slavia keeper a red card for the foul that led to the penalty so not only did Slavia trail 0:1, they were also down to 10 men.

Darko Tasevski contributed to the next two goals for Levski in the 63rd and 78th minute.  In the 63rd minute, Tasevski scored with a nice shot from inside the area to the bottom left corner to make it 0:2 for Levski while in the 78th minute, Tasevski provided the assist with a pass to Tony Calvo who then sent the ball to the back of the net for the final goal of the game.

Video of the goal by Tasevski (at 1:55) and assist (at 2:30):


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