Getting to know series: Ivan Nastevski

Ivan Nastevski; photo: conducted an interview with 22-year-old winger Ivan Nastevski.  Find out when Nastevski began playing football, which coaches serves as his biggest inspirations and how he is treated as a Macedonian playing in the Greek second division.

Ivan Nastevski joined Ethnikos Gazoros this past summer from Macedonian side Teteks.  Nastevski, who has played with domestic sides Makedonija Gjorche Petrov, Vardar, Rabotnichki and the aforementioned Teteks, opted for his first foreign adventure in Greece.  This season, Nastevski has been a regular for Ethnikos Gazoros, scoring 4 goals in 14 league appearances to help his team occupy the 3rd place on the standings.

We recently conducted an interview with Nastevski where he talked about when he started to play football, which coaches had the biggest influence on his career development, and also how he is treated at Ethnikos Gazoros as a Macedonian playing in a Greek league.

Below is the question and answer session with Nastevski:

MF: Ivan, tell us about when you decided that you wanted to be a footballer?
IN: I started training with football when I was 6 years old. And since then football became part of my life.

MF: What coach early in your career had the biggest influence on your development?
IN: It was Zvonko Zlatanovski and Tush Zefic who coached me while I was training in the junior category. But I also have to mention Ilco Gjorgjioski, the current president of FFM, who gave me the opportunity to play my first game as a professional football player when I was 17 years old.  I’m very thankful to him for that.

MF: What went into your decision to join Ethnikos Gazoros this past summer?
IN: They gave me the best offer at that moment. I was a free player and I decided to play for them because the Greek football has definitely big quality.

MF: As a Macedonian playing in Greece, how are you treated by your teammates and club’s supporters who are predominantly Greek?
IN: I feel at home with my club. The club has a respect for me. I dont have any problems with my nationality.

MF: What are your expectations for the future? Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?
IN: I don’t think about the future. I’m more focused on my matches with Ethnikos Gazoros. I’m training very hard and I hope that GOD has a plan for me.

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