FK Teteks – the pride of Tetovo

TeteksThe football club Teteks from Tetovo, the formerly well known club which in the past played in the former Yugoslav league and the Macedonian first league, this season is finally on good way for returning where it belongs.

Formed in 1953 under the name Tekstilec, the well known “Stofari” were in the shadow of the older club Ljuboten (formed in 1919), but with it’s successes, Teteks quickly finds the way in the top of the Macedonian football. FK Ljuboten’s squad was full with home grown players from Tetovo, while Teteks had the capability to attract the best players from Macedonia and wider from the former SFR Yugoslavia. Some of the more famous players who wore the shirt of FK Teteks are Vasil Ringov, Mirko Petrov, Dragoljub Bekvalac, Harun Isa, Zoran and Goran Jovanoski, Zarko Serafimovski, Goran Stankovski, Boban Jancevski, Stojmir Urosevic, Steve Zakovski, Mijalco Madzunarov, Steve Grncarov, Lazar Plackov, Dusan Kecan, Gjoko Hadzievski, Dragan Veselinovski…

This season Teteks is on the second place in the second league and has good chances for returning in the first league and it gave us reason for a short interview with Teteks’ coach Toni Jakimovski about this season’s chances and ambitions

How are you satisfied with the first half of the season?
– We are more then satisfied, knowing the conditions in the club before the start of the season. Before the season started, the club didn’t have sponsor, had no finances and we were late with the preparations. The new players were real reinforcements for our squads and they quickly managed to integrate with the other players and we got good placement on the table.

What are your plans about the curreent players and potential reinforcements?
– There are few players that I’m not completely satisfied with and we plan to hire new players on those positions, but I will not mention any names now. Everything will be known in the next period after the terms are arranged with our sponsor.

There are rumors that Zoran Jovanoski could be leaving, while the rumors also say that some Teteks’ home grown players like Boban Jancevski and Vladimir Sekulovski could join back Teteks in 2009?
– Zoran Jovanoski had an offer to leave in Metalurg, but he will stay in Teteks for at least six more months. About the possible big reinforcements, I would be more then happy to see them in our squad, but the current budget doesn’t allows us that. If we manage to qualify for the first league next season, then those rumors can come true.

What are your plans and expectations from the second part of the season?
– Our ambitions are promotion in the Macedonian first league. With the current placement and the quality of our squad, we have big chances to play in the first league next season. But our ambitions are not just a short term promotion in the first league. We plan to build a strong squad which will stay in the first league for many years.

The new board of Teteks is lead by the sponsor Slobodan “Braco” Vujčić who is also financing FK Pobeda and there were rumors that he is also involved in FK Rabotnicki. He is also in law process for returning in FK Vardar. Is it possible that this situation can have negative effect on Teteks?
– Slobodan “Braco” Vujčić is our sponsor. I don’t know about the other clubs, but there’s nothing disputable if he is sponsoring other clubs because with his finances he is fulfillng our wishes and ambitions. No matter the current situation in FK Vardar, Vujčić will stay in FK Teteks. As you know, this year there were big changes in our club, so, the new board led by Vujčić and Aleksandar Zakoski, the coaching stuff and the players, work hard on realizing the first league ambitions.

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