Ohrid meeting, photo:Ohridnews.com

FK Ohrid to get help from several sources

Ohrid meeting, photo:Ohridnews.comOhrid’s mayor, city counselors, part of the management, footballers, fans representatives, and local businessmen will try to help Ohrid sort out the problems, Ohridnews.com reports.

A meeting was held today between Ohrid’s mayor Aleksandar Petreski and FK Ohrid’s representatives with the hope of sorting out the financial problems at the club.  For several days, the management and the coach, Dragan Antic, are blaming each other for the current situation in Ohrid.  Antic has openly criticized the management and told them they are responsible for the players not receiving their payments and even offered his resignation, while the management of the team accepted the resignation.  However, the players have sided with Antic and he was present during today’s meeting.

‘I am pleased that we had such a meeting today since it is obvious that things must be sorted out’ – noted Antic for Ohridnews.com.  Ohrid’s captain, Aleksandar Veleski, also pointed out that the players are optimistic, hopeful of better times and are supporting the Serbian coach.  Fans are hoping that words will finally turn into action as they have already heard many empty promises in the past.

Aleksandar Petreski announced that the doors will be open for anyone who wants to help the club and that change of the management needs to be fulfilled.  Those who have helped, those who are helping, and those who want to help, along with him and part of the management that took the club from the second to first division, will remain in the club and players need to receive their salaries.

FK Ohrid, who has been a positive surprise this season, is hosting Teteks on Friday at 13:00 CET and fans expect a win as the match will surely take place after the players took part in training today.

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