27th Round: Renova won, Vardar held to draw

Renova won against Sileks with a late goal, while Horizont Turnovo managed to hold Vardar to a goalless draw in the two games of Round 27 that were played today.

It took 87 minutes for Renova to eventually break down the defense of Sileks, with Muharem Bajrami scoring the lone goal of the game to bring Renova the three points.  The win also allowed Renova to move ahead of Sileks for fourth place on the standings.

In the other match played today, Vardar hosted Horizont Turnovo but only managed to share the points in a goalless draw.  It was the second consecutive game for Vardar without a goal but the club remains as the undisputed leader on the table with a double digit advantage.

The remaining four matches of the round will be played tomorrow.

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