FFM postpones matches yet again

FFM After much speculation, FFM has confirmed the status of the two Tetovo matches.  They will both be postponed!

Shkendija – Vardar and Teteks – Napredok were both postponed but FFM did not name new dates for those two games.  That means that the 21st round of the First League and the 18th Round of the Second League will also be postponed since a round can’t begin if all the matches from the previous round did not conclude.

The latest decisions brought by FFM and the Ministry of Interior are showing incompetence in leadership, management and security.  At first, the matches were not supposed to take place in Tetovo, then new stadiums were not accepted, then matches were moved back to Tetovo and now they are postponed.  This half-season is already on a tight schedule so this will only worsen the situation.

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