FFM, go after Amauri, Almunia and Streit!

Because FIFA’s rules do not apply for the Macedonian football federation as they wanted to give Macedonian passports to foreign players Washington and Osa, we are suggesting that FFM should also try and get Amauri, Almunia, Streit etc in the Macedonian national team.

Couple of days ago, the Football federation of Macedonia expressed a wish to see the Brazilian striker Da Silva Washington in the Macedonian national team. MacedonianFootball.com, clearly pointed out all the necessary facts that are obligate for Washington to play for Macedonia. We searched into FIFA’s laws and statutes and as we have written about that few days ago, according to the basic rules from FIFA’s statute, Da Silva Washington will have to live continuously in Macedonia until 2013 in order to have the right to play for Macedonia. Here is also a direct link to FIFA’s rules about foreign players being given a chance in other national teams.

But our research wasn’t enough for FFM’s General Secretary Nikola Kostov and he also expressed a wish to see the Nigerian international Osa Guobadia in the Macedonian jersey.

Since no one wants to listen, MacedonianFootball.com has a proposition for FFM. Washington and Osa (both from FK Makedonija Gjorce Petrov) are good players and will be welcomed in the Macedonian team, but why don’t FFM try and get striker Amauri from Juventus, goalkeeper Almunia from Arsenal and midfielder Albert Streit from Schalke 04? They don’t have any caps for any national team and since FFM can get Washington and Osa, they can get these too.

After their second wish (Osa), they finally opened their eyes and realized the shame they’ve done. Their unserious actions and quotes in the media can’t be forgotten. Even the national team coach Srečko Katanec was caught saying how he would love to see Washington in the Macedonian jersey even for the upcoming game against the Netherlands away. They (FFM) voted for these FIFA rules but they forgot so quickly about them. We hope that these mistakes will not be repeated anymore.

Instead of losing time on pointless players who do not have anything in common with Macedonia, FFM must show more interest in the Macedonians who are born abroad or live abroad. Such as Robert Stamdolziev, Sasa Ognenovski, Peter Cvetanovski, Nuredin Bakiu, Aleksandar Ignjovski and many others.

Horrifying is the list of Macedonians who aren’t feasible anymore to play for Macedonia.

Mile Sterjovski, Australia (29 years)
Blagoja Celeski, Australia (23)
Spase Dilevski, Australia (23)
Naum Sekulovski, Australia (24)
David Micevski, Australia (22)
Saso Petrovski, Australia (33)
Emin Sulimani, Austria (22)
Mladen Petrić, Croatia (27)
Marek Jankulovski, Czech (31)
Bajram Fetai, Denmark (23)
Berat Sadik, Finland (22)
Ivica Iliev, Serbia (29)
Nenad Lazareski, Serbia (22)
Jovan Markoski, Serbia (28)
Marko Markovski, Serbia (22)
Veljko Paunović, Serbia (31)
Dime Jankulovski, Sweden (31)
Blerim Dzemaili, Switzerland (22)
Jovan Kirovski, USA (32)
And many more!

FFM must be more active with our abroad players! How can they even be interested in some Brazilians, Nigerians and no matter what other nationalities, but to forget our own Macedonians? How can we forgive them about Marek Jankulovski? The AC Milan and Czech national team star player. About Mile Sterjovski, the Australian star! Blerim Dzemaili, the Torino and Switzerland future! But no, they want Brazilians in our national team. Lets get Amauri than! Just imagine our front with Naumoski, Amauri and Pandev! Albert Streit in the middle with Sumulikoski and Trajanov, Grozdanoski and Lazarevski on the wings, Sedloski, Noveski and Mitreski at the back and Almunia between the posts! Of course, we are just being ironic!

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