Ferhan Hasani (R) playing for the U21 team; photo: ffm.com.mk

Ferhan Hasani transfer to Gent falls through

Ferhan Hasani (R) playing for the U21 team; photo: ffm.com.mkShkendija and Gent could not reach an agreement regarding a transfer fee and the talks have been broken off.

It appears the Hasani transfer to Gent has fallen through after negotiations between the two clubs proved unsuccessful.  Michel Louwagie, Gent manager in charge of transfers, confirmed in newspapers today that Hasani came to Belgium to negotiate a transfer to Gent but negotiations have proven unsuccessful and talks have been broken off.  It is unknown if the two teams might try to bridge the gap and reach an acceptable figure regarding a transfer fee but it now seems unlikely that Ferhan will join Gent.  Hasani is the biggest prized asset for Shkendija and they will not sell him unless they receive a sum that is acceptable to them.

It remains to be seen what Shkendija will do next with Hasani.  There were other clubs interested in Hasani from leagues in Germany and the Netherlands so it’s possible that Shkendija will open negotiations with other interested teams.  Hasani has said that he enjoyed his time with Shkendija but he has nothing else to prove with the defending Macedonian champions and is looking to further advance his career with a transfer to a team from Western Europe.

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