A photo from the protest

Fans protested in front of FFM headquarters

A photo from the protestFootball fans from several cities gathered today in front of FFM’s headquarters to express their disapproval of the federation.

More then 100 fans were present today at the protest held in front of FFM’s offices in Skopje.  There were fans from Bitola, Tetovo, Stip and other cities who expressed their dissatisfaction at the football federation and the president Haralampie Hadzi-Risteski.

“FFM Mafia” was the phrase most often chanted among the low number of fans who did not seem particularly organized.  The reasons for the low number of fans probably had to due with the late announcement of the protest and the fact that it was held on a working day at 15.00 CET.  In conclusion, the general impression was not as good as expected, but the voice of the fans’ discontent was surely heard.

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