Drita's new signings and club president Abedin Aliti, photo: yllpress.com

Drita started winter preparations

Newcomers to first league Drita have officially started winter preparations today.

With several squad changes, 7th placed Drita have started their winter preparations. Newcomers to the first league had a solid first half-season, with some mixed performances, such as the 2:4 defeat to Renova at home and the 0:1 win over Metalurg away.

They have announced several new signings for the upcoming spring challenges. Central defender Marko Lukić who was part of Spanish Segunda División side Huesca couple of seasons ago, has joined Drita along with experienced first league player Nikola Tripunovski who arrived from Gorno Lisiche, Zejdan Alili from second league side Vrapchishte, Armir Ali who has been promoted from the youth team and goalkeeper Burhan Mustafa. At the same time, several players left the club. Rufat Chelik and Driton Zeadini are loaned out to Gostivar, Mensur Idrizi and Burim Sadiki joined Renova, while Zhivorad Radonjikj will most likely continue his career in Teteks, yllpress.com reported.

Drita will probably spend part of their winter preparation period in Ohrid or Dojran where they will look to improve their form. Their current ambitions are to get away from the dangerous zone but the club will also try to attack some of the upper positions on the table. Drita still expects new players in a Croatian attacker, one player from Africa and one more attacker who will be looking to satisfy manager Ane Andovski, the website reported.

Drita's new signings and club president Abedin Aliti, photo: yllpress.com

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