Doping scandal hits Rabotnichki

Rabotnichki Two Rabotnichki players are under suspicion of using illegal substances during one Europa League game, believed to be the match against Lazio in Rome.

While Rabotnichki achieved their biggest success in the Europa League this season by advancing to the play-off round, they received some bad news today.  UEFA contacted Rabotnichki to inform them that a couple of players apparently tested positive for a banned substance.  It is believed that the positive tests occurred after the match in Rome against Lazio where Rabotnichki lost 6:0.

Rabotnichki sports director Igor Angelovski said the following, “It is correct that we received a phone call from UEFA and they asked for our address where they can send their documents concerning this matter.  I can’t say anything more until the official documents arrive.”

According to Macedonian sources, including, the two players in question are supposedly Dino Najdoski and Milovan Petrovikj.  It was reported that both players tested positive for a banned vitamin after the Lazio game in Rome.  Now, whether this was an honest mistake or the players purposely used the banned vitamin is not known at this moment.  Since this news became public, the medical team of Rabotnichki has received criticism because this is not the first time this has occurred with Rabotnichki.  Six years ago, goalkeeper Jorde Georgievski, no longer with the team, tested positive for a banned substance during a game against Belasica and was subsequently suspended by FFM.

More will be known once Rabotnichki receives the official documents and UEFA will then determine the next course of action.  The players might be forced to take another test and if they fail their second anti-doping test, severe punishments could be handed out to both the players and the club as well.

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