Dancho Celeski blasts FFM and their double standards

Former Macedonian national team keeper Dancho Celeski, who is now president of second divisional side Ohrid Lychnidos, demonstrated his fury towards the Football Federation of Macedonia who 24 hours before kick-off postponed the Lake derby of Macedonian football legendary clubs Ohrid Lychnidos and Karaorman.

Yesterday, in a statement full of writing mistakes published on their official web page (later they corrected some of them), FFM informed the public that they have postponed the 2.MFL Round 2 match Ohrid Lychnidos – Karaorman. The reason is that they intend to keep the grass in good shape for Thursday’s UEFA Europa Conference League qualifier Struga – Breiðablik. And there wouldn’t be anything strange unless the fact that on Sunday the same pitch will host the 1.MFL Round 3 match Voska Sport – Vardar.

Unlike Voska Sport, Ohrid Lychnidos is actually the home club of the Atina Bojadji stadium at the Biljanini Izvori Sports Complex. Voska Sport have a different ground, one that doesn’t fulfill the minimal standards of hosting matches above third league level.

Without any shame, FFM even wrote “we are convinced that the late and forced change will be understood by the two second flight teams on rightful manner and they will give support to the Macedonian champion Struga on its mission to reach the group stage of the UEFA competition”.

That is why Dancho Celeski reacted harshly, a reaction that we bring in full:

“Tomorrow, August 19th, a league match between GFK Ohrid and FK Karaorman SHOULD have been played – THE LAKE DERBY!
Karaorman celebrates 100 years of existence this year, while Ohrid 104 years of existence – 100 years of LAKE DERBY.

Some people from FFM, calling themselves a committee, postponed our match today around 5 pm, those people probably haven’t felt not even 100 matches in their lives.
We have received a notice – instructions that our match has been postponed without any problems or reasons stated.
Unofficially, from my personal contacts, the match has been postponed due to the need to KEEP THE FIELD from damage, as FK Trim & Lum Struga is scheduled to play a European match next week. If the joke were bigger, FK Voska Sport will play a league match against Vardar in Ohrid on Sunday at the SAME STADIUM!

Now let these agronomists explain how we will damage the field and Voska and Vardar will “pet” the grass.
We haven’t experienced this kind of FOOTBALL MADNESS in a long time. Instead of being told in time to organize the match at another place at another time we were underestimated as a second divisional club…

GFK Ohrid Lychnidos has paid all its obligations towards FFM and all institutions in the country. Quarantine, food, fan spectacle and everything else were organized for tomorrow’s match… More than 10 thousand Euros is costs. People arriving from abroad have extended their stay to be present at the match and two management groups (Hungary and Slovenia) are already present in the city to follow the match.
After this scandal, I, Dancho Celeski, President of GFK Ohrid Lychnidos, a long-time sports worker, announce my resignation, which I will submit to the Board of directors and the Mayor of the City of Ohrid.

I will also file a lawsuit for lost damages on behalf of GFK Ohrid against the people who signed this decision and against FFM.

Sport Greetings to all true football fans in Macedonia!

Dancho Celeski
President of GFK Ohrid Lyhnidos”

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