Dejan Miloseski 3,5 years in Widzew

Dejan Miloseski finally after few weeks of trials signed a 3,5 years long contract with Polish club RTS Widzew Łódź. He is now the fifth Macedonian who will play in Poland. The 27-years-old midfielder who has one game played for the Macedonian national team, against Montenegro in November 2008, previously played for Lithuanian team FK

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Winter transfers roundup

The winter transfer market ended and there are a lot of squad changes. Truly, nothing spectacular happened, but many teams will look much different compared to the first part of the season. Here is a list with ‘INs and OUTs’.

Danijel Ljuboja to sign for Vardar

As unofficially finds out, if the serbian businessman Miško Popović takes over the complete control of FK Vardar, the striker Danijel Ljuboja will be one of the reinforcements together with the famous coach Dragoslav Stepanović.