Bregalnica swaps Jovanovski with Hristovski

Dragan Hristovski is the new manager of Bregalnica as today Gjore Jovanovski left the Shtip based club.

Seems like the bad situation in Bregalnica is calming down. Today, Gjore Jovanovski and the club board decided to end their collaboration by mutual agreement. Despite the awful results, Jovanovski had the support of the board, but the players turned their back on him and even didn’t train few days ago.

New manager of the Blues is Dragan Hristovski, who was already within the club, working with the youth academy. His first challenge will be Sunday’s clash with Renova at home. “President Mitev called me and told me to take over the team. It is a real honor to lead Bregalnica. From today I am starting to prepare the players for the Renova game. I will held talks with each player in order to make a positive atmosphere. Until we have theoretical chances for avoiding relegation, we will do our best to reach that goal. With the support of the fans I believe that we can do it, although it will be hard.” – said Hristovski for Radio Shtip.

Back in the squad are the key players Goran Zdravkov and Slavcho Velkovski, whose suspension is over as Jovanovski is no longer with the club.

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