Boban Babunski to lead Rabotnicki

Boban BabunskiFormer Macedonian international player and caretaker coach of the Macedonian national team, Boban Babunski is the new coach of the current Macedonian champion Rabotnicki.

Current Macedonian double trophy holder, Rabotnicki, is in very unenviable situation after the president of the club Trifun Kostovski moved to neighboring FK Vardar and only few players stayed in the club. After the new president Dragan Popovski took over Rabotnicki, both presidents have agreed on final separations of the clubs after which all the key players who brought Rabotnicki's successess in the last few years have moved to Vardar.
In this situation, it's still unknown who will play for Rabotnicki next season. Currently only Baze Ilijoski, Krste Velkovski, Emir Shabani and probably Dimitrija Lazarevski will stay in Rabotnicki. So far it's only known that former Macedonian football international part time caretaker coach of the Macedonian national team, Boban Babunski will coach Rabotnicki in the next season. Through Babunski's contacts from Holland, it's very probable that Rabotnicki very soon will get new sponsor from this country. The new Dutch sponsor is supposed to help the club consolidate the squad in front of the Champions League qualification and in the future the biggest accent in the club will be on the work with the youth categories.


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