Big move from Rabotnicki to Vardar

altThe president of Rabotnicki, Dragan Popovski announced the separation with one of their main sponsors Slobodan “Braco” Vujčić.

The Serbian Slobodan “Braco” Vujčić who was former sponsor of Vardar, won on court and officially returns to Vardar again. After this, he agreed to take all of the players from Rabotnicki with whom he had managerial and sponsorship contracts and move them all to Vardar. Vladimir Sekuloski, Wandeir Oliveira dos Santos, Kristijan Sinković, Gjorgji Mojsov, Roberto Carlos da Silva and Francisco da Silva Márcio are the players who join Vardar.
Besides the players, the coach of Rabotnicki Zoran Stratev also leaves the club and is expected also to join Vardar soon.

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