Big changes in FK Vardar… again

alt As the 2008/09 season ended, the most famous Macedonian football club Vardar lost the main financier Trifun Kostovski. Together with the sponsor, the coach Zikica Tasevski and many players also left the club.

The former president of the club Trifun Kostovski announced his lowered financial abilities and his plans for lowering his investments in FK Vardar which was unacceptable for the other board members, so he left the club. Same as in the previous few years, FK Vardar is again in financial troubles and the current board members are making big efforts to find sponsors and finances which will secure Vardar’s future.

Few famous coaches were mentioned as Vardar’s possible new coaches but knowing the current situation, the Croatian coach Zoran Vulić, former Macedonian national team coach Nikola Ilievski and few other coaches mentioned for this position, were expensive for FK Vardar. That’s why the president Bojan Zahariev and the new sports director Dragi Setinov decided to let Pane Blazevski lead FK Vardar in the new season.

But more concerning is the situation with the playing squad. Tome Pacovski moved to Belgian Germinal Beerschot, Vasko Bozinovski and Nikola Gligorov signed for Rabotnicki, Boban Jancevski moved to Renova and Bojan Markovski, Borce Ristovski, Burhan Emurlahu and Nikola Gjosevski also left the club. The goalkeeper Ljupco Kmetovski is the only older player with bigger experience who stayed in the club, so Marko Jovanovski, Martin Blazevski, Bozidar Dimitrovski, Darko Stojanov, Marjan Belcev, Dino Najdovski, Trajce Stojkovski, Marko Kostencovski, Stefan Ristovski, Aleksandar Pandovski, Muzafer Ejupi and Filip Petrov are the young players which will have difficult task to fight for Vardar’s pride next season. Toni Dzangarovski, Vladan Milosavljević, Dragan Ljubisavljević are the reinforcements confirmed so far and they should be also joined by Nikola Tripunovski and Edon Jašarević. FK Vardar’s board is also negotiating with two Macedonian legends, Gjorgji Hristov and Artim Sakiri.

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