Barcelona B manager comments on Babunski

David BabunskiThe manager of Barcelona B, Eusebio Sacristán, commented on the status of David Babunski.

Earlier on Tuesday, (one of the leading sports websites in Spain) published an interview with Barcelona B manager Eusebio Sacristán. One of the questions asked in the interview involved David Babunski, member of the club who also plays for the Macedonian senior national team along with the U21 squad.

In recent times, Eusebio Sacristán has come under fire due to the bad results for Barcelona B. So, he decided to do this interview to lessen the public pressure and address numerous topics, including complaints about not playing Babunski. David has only made eight league appearances this season, all coming off the bench. He has played a total of just 138 minutes.

So, Sacristán was asked what is going on with Babunski? This is how he answered that question (translated from Spanish):

Manager's message on Babunski

The Espinosa that Sacristán referenced in his answer is Javier Espinosa. Looking at the stats of Espinosa, it is true that he played very little for Bacelona B during his first two seasons with the club back in 2009-10 and 2010-11. He then became a regular for the next three seasons before he transferred to Villarreal in the summer of 2014. Espinosa currently finds himself on loan at Almeria.

Babunski and Espinosa do have a similar build, but it remains to be seen if David’s career trajectory will follow that of Espinosa. The big difference is that Espinosa was 18 and 19 when he wasn’t playing much during his first two seasons with Barcelona B, while Babunski was 20 and 21 (turns that age in early March). Two years may not seem much in general terms, but in football it is. At that point in a footballer’s career (late teens or early 20’s), it’s usually make or break.

David is viewed as an important piece for the future of Macedonian football, but he must solve his club status to not jeopardize that belief.

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