Bajram Fetai signs one year deal with Lyngby

The deal is now official, Bajram Fetai will remain with Lyngby as he signed a one year deal until the summer of 2012.

The official website of Lyngby also confirmed the new deal and both sides were pleased with the fact that Fetai will remain in Denmark with a Lyngby uniform.  The Lyngby manager views Fetai as an important player and it was important for the deal to get done quickly since the Danish season starts this weekend with the first league game for Lyngby on Sunday.

Fetai is now 25 years old and has spent the majority of his career in Denmark although he was born in Tetovo.  He played for the youth teams of Denmark before he accepted the invitation by Mirsad Jonuz to represent the Macedonian national team.  Fetai has made two appearances for the national team with his debut coming against Albania in November of last year.

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