Tigran Kandikjan

Armenia after Kandikjan, again

Tigran KandikjanRabotnicki’s keeper Tigran Kandikjan has been called by the Armenian U19 national team manager, again.

As the club’s official web site reports, these days a fax from the Football federation of Armenian was received by Rabotnicki. It was an offer for the young goalkeeper Tigran Kandikjan to play for the Armenian Under-19 national team led by the coach Armen Sanamyan. The 17-years-old talented goalkeeper was a member of the Macedonian U17 national team and is of Armenian origin through his grandfather. He has played 3 official matches for Macedonia U17 in a EURO qualification tournament in 2009 and that means that he must request a transfer at FIFA so he could change the national team, a process that takes about 3 months. But, if Kandikjan decides to play for Armenia U19, that would be the last word as FIFA allows only one national team transfer, meaning that in future he would be eligible only for Armenia.

This is not the first time Armenia to be after Tigran Kandikjan as he already refused a call once, last year. When Rabotnicki was away to Armenia to face Mika in the Champions League qualifications, in an interview for TotalFootball.am, Kandikjan said that Macedonia is the only option for him. “A few months ago I was invited to the national team of Armenia U-19. For me it is a very big honor, but it would be unfair to Macedonia, where I was born and became a football player. So I had to refuse the invitation.”

Tigran’s father Vladimir, a university professor, is also born in Macedonia. It is hard to tell how much his family is conected to Armenia, emotionally. At least, after many players from abroad taken by Macedonia, now we might know to tell how it is when someone takes a talent from our country, if he agrees to play for Armenia.

photo: facebook.com/fcrabotnicki

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