Angelovski suspends Nestorovski, won’t be heading for Germany

The goal celebration by swearing at the camera against Liechtenstein has costed Ilija Nestorovski a clash against Germany, decided head coach Igor Angelovski.

photo: the moment of insult

Nestorovski converted a penalty kick by scoring a Panenka goal to set the final 5:0 against Liechtenstein on Sunday, but celebrated the goal on the least wanted way. He went to the nearby camera and said something that appeared to be “F*ck you all”, words that the TV viewers heard, at least some.

After the match Nesrotovski through his Instagram profile explained his actions by posting a black story with white word: “The insults were for 3 persons who 3 days were treating and insulting me and my family! The know very well who they are.”

National team coach Igor Angelovski today decided to suspend him from the next match that appears to be a historic clash with one of the best national teams in the world, Germany.

The incident starts at 4:22:

“Because at yesterday’s post match press-conference I said that after I will watch the video I will comment the situation regarding Nestorovski, now I want to inform the public about the following:

First of all I am glad that he apologized and explained why he did it, but still, that kind of behavior from a national team played is unacceptable and can’t be let go with a penalty. Therefore, he has been released from duties for out next match against Germany”, – said the coach.

Macedonia faces Germany on Wednesday in Duisburg with a kick-off at 20.45 CET.

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