Akademija Pandev won’t be awarded win over Shkendija and here’s why

Akademija Pandev sent an official apeal to FFM for Sunday’s 1:0 defeat by Shkendija in Tetovo because for 15 minutes the hosts played without the necessary one U21 player after the player fielded as U21 got sent off. We examined the situation to every detail and therefore we present you the answer why there is no case here, but we also add that FFM must change the regulations and make them more precise in order to prevent future disputes like this one.

photo by KF Shkendija: moment of the disputed game

Article 20 point 3 of the 1.MFL playing regulations says: “Every team must start and end the first half with a Macedonian U21 player.”

The original Article 20 point 3 in Macedonian:

And that is the problem. The rule is not precised. There is nowhere writen how should teams behave in case of an expulsion of the U21 player during the first half.

It is clear that under this rule it was ment for the teams to have an U21 player for the entire first 45 minutes, but that is nowhere precised. Instead, it says that a team must START and END the first half with a U21 player. That’s what Shkendija actually did.

Fuel to this fire adds Article 100 point 10 of the regulations for competitions (different one that the previous) where it is writen: “A team will lose the game on green table if HAS PLAYED without an U21 plater.” Akademija Pandev is counting on these words for a green table 3 points because after Enis Fazlagikj’s red card in the 21st minute Shkendija played 15 minutes without an U21 player since Shefit Shefiti came in in the 36th minute.

The original Article 100 point 10 in Macedonian:

The problem is that both articles that talk about this rule are contradictory between themselves. Shkendija did played 15 minutes without an U21 player, but on the other hand they started and the ended the first half with an U21 player.

In this case the real problem isn’t in Shkendija, nor in Akademija Pandev, because they both act on an existing articles that are contradictory, but in FFM and the commission that makes the regulations. They never assumed scenario like this one.

Another problem is that even in a scenario where the team will have to field another U21 team by making a quick substitution, it would have to do it so fast that is almost impossible not to spend few minutes without an U21 player. Have in mind that a player needs to warm up before entering a game in order to avoid a posible injury. The rule does not say that the referee must stop the game and wait for the substitution, like when a keeper is sent off.

This case should be the starting point for FFM to precise its regulations. We think that in case of an U21 player to be sent off, the team shound not be forced to make a substitution and field another U21 player.


  1. Reply Post By Sale

    Players are always warming up and if they’re not, then that’s theirs and their coaches fault. What kind of nonsense are you talking about?? Every team has players ready to enter the field in case of injury just the same as a red card, no difference!

    So if Skednija don’t have a player ready (u21 or not) they are not only unorganized and letting their team down but also in this case, not abiding by the regulations to field an u21 player.

    Which is why they came to their senses 15 minutes later and fielded an u21 player. This Does Not excuse them from not fulfilling the regulations and the above article and the fact that you bring up they had no player u21 warmed up!

    To start and finish the first half with a player u21 but not field a player anywhere in between is something that would never happen because it is of no value to the team to lose two substitutions. Since this is the only other way this would happen, along with an injury to u21 player in which case it is to be believed that the team would be aware that an u21 player is coming off, not fielding an u21 player would result in a breach of the above articles!

    Skednija coaching staff have let their club down by not being aware/ready/ to abide by FFM regulations and fulfill the above articles.

    1. Reply Post By Joco

      I believe the possible injury scenario was just an example, not an exuse. whatever, they r right, Shkendija did not make any errors regarding the regulations, something that FFM also confirmed. Well done MF!

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