About time, Jonuz?

 Another qualifications tournament has passed for the u21 national team and once again 4th place for our young hopes. Anybody counts which tournament is this in line as we fail to do something? Maybe the coach Mirsad Jonuz does.

Recently, after the historic defeat to Estonia, Mirsad Jonuz, the coach of the Macedonian U21 national team, analysed the current situation and apparently he has a high opinion for the job done by him so far and the achievements of the U21 team. 

Just when we had the chance and everybody thought we can do something, along came Estonia and ruined our dreams. With their first goal in 7 matches, Estonians celebrated a victory. Of course, every Macedonian journalist had bad reviews about the big shame and in his analyze, Jonuz said: ' These boys are deeply offended by some of the media statements'. But Mr. Mirsad Jonuz should know that these boys are professional sportsmen who have to get used to being criticized. World's biggest football stars are constantly under pressure from the media – furthermore, it was those players that lost the match. It was those players who made the second biggest shame to Macedonia (after the defeat by Andorra). Why blaming the media for doing their job?

Nevertheless, the respected coach decided to call new generation of players for the last match against Norway. And they did good. Played a goalless draw against the favorites Norway. Good play, that goes without saying. But, there's one but. Captain of the new U21 generation is Goran Slavkovski. The so-called wonder-kid who had bad time choosing whether his last name will be Slavkovic, Slakovson or Slavkovski when he had several offers from Croatia, Sweden and Macedonia for a national team player. God knows when he had played the last club match anywhere. And when the other countries gave up on him, he suddenly became big Macedonian patriot and chose Macedonia. And not just that he was immediately called up for the Macedonian U21 national team, the player who hardly even speaks Macedonian, suddenly became captain of the team.

At the same time, there are hundreds of players throughout the world who are desperate to play for Macedonia. Not just that they have the wish, but they also have the talent. Our website and other media have written about many young players who deserve, want and can play for Macedonia, but all they got from Mirsad Jonuz was – 'Oh, yes – we are closely watching them and they can be one of our future key players'. Just as he said about Rob Stambolziev – and of course nobody from Macedonia FF has contacted with Rob yet, as the Australians did.. Or Orhan Mustafi? In an interview with Lajm, Orhan said – 'Nobody from the macedonian federation has ever tried to call me, so i will most probably play for the Swiss team'. But Jonuz still waits those players. Yes, they will probably come on their own and ask whether they can play for us…. NOT.

Another qualifications have ended and another underachieving placement. But for the Macedonian Football Federation this is obviously not a big disappointment. Do we have to remind them that the u21 national team of every country is one of the most important sports collectives? Do we have to remind them that these boys are the Macedonian football future? Do we have to remind them that in couple of years these boys will be the men who will represent Macedonia with the senior national team squad? Should we expect the same results and placements? Is there any bright future for the Macedonian football, or there's a big dark cloud over it, as the one over the current Macedonian youth national teams?

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